E-learning Matters


Hello and welcome to E-learning Matters.

This is the obligatory (well, it’s not really obligatory, but it feels so) blog post about myself and the website.

The Obligatory Introduction

Introductions first: My name’s Gareth Davies and I’m from south Wales in the UK. I’m an e-learning professional with an MA in Online and Distance Education, but more importantly, I’m someone that is very passionate about education and technology’s role within it.

Why have you made this site?

This website is the successor of my Multiple Tracks blog which was a free WordPress blog site. I chose to go down the route of getting my own hosting to increase my options on what I can do with my content and, crucially, for me to learn how to create my own website using WordPress.

What will E-learning Matters be about?

The content I’ll be writing about will naturally revolve around e-learning. However, what is e-learning and why should you care about it?

The ‘e’ in e-learning stands for ‘electronic’, so e-learning is learning using electronic technologies. This learning can be a part of a course or curriculum or it can account for their entirety. Typically, e-learning is seen purely as online learning where learners engage with materials via the Internet.

This website will not be solely looking at online learning, however. I’ll be discussing the wide variety of issues that fall under the roof of technology enhanced learning or educational technology. The link to the left is to the wikipedia entry for educational technology. I’ll be doing this in all my blog posts when a particular term comes up that I feel readers may be interested in because I am committed to making this website a hub for people to learn about the field of educational technology. A place where readers can find not only original content but a starting off point for further reading to achieve a deeper understanding of the subjects covered.

I’ll be writing about subjects such as the future of education, new developments in technology that will and are having an impact on education, and existing and burgeoning learning theories that relate to these technologies use in learning. I’ll also be writing about any of my own experiences that I feel will be of use to people studying and working in the field.

Anyway, welcome and please feel free to make comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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